Back to the roots

Dear friends of good wines, news from the Barzen Estate!


Fasskeller 2017 The return to using oak wood barrels during ripening - the wine is now allowed to ´breathe` through the wood´s pores and thus unfold its very own characteristics which might not have surfaced in the (hermetically closed) stainless steel tank.

Importantly: no ´woody` taste remains to disturb the wine´s aromas since only quality used wooden barrels are being deployed.

The traditional Mosel-Barrel of 1000 liters is our top choice, along with small `Barrique´-Barrels containing 225 liters each.
This kind of upbringing generates full-bodied yet harmonic wines, golden eyed and of exquisit character.


Winemaker & Dipl. Ing. Viniculture

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